Unissakävelijät’s music is a statement to the situation in the world. While based on sound images of different music cultures around the world, taking inspiration for example from Indonesian gamelan, Siberian indigenous songs, Scottish bagpipe tradition as well as contemporary art music, Unissakävelijät’s intention is not to imitate the original inspiration, but rather to grow new music from the original sources. Music is never born from nothing, but always has its multidimensional roots. Unissakävelijät could be called today’s or the future’s tribesmen for whom the whole world is one community.
Using their instruments, as well as toys, technology and household supplies, Unissakävelijät create a diverse and modern sound with all the noise of today’s society, whilst maintaining strong roots in traditional cultures. The music is timeless and timely.

Mirva Soininen – vocals, piano
Minna Koskenlahti – percussion, åspipa, vocals
Michael Ferrie – guitar, vocals
Juska Ojajärvi – accordion, toy piano, vocals
Nea-Maria Korpelainen – violin, trumpet, vocals
Pekko Käppi – jouhikko, percussion, vocals